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Everyday Adventures #15

  • Posted on August 8, 2012 at 7:19 pm

Today I went to church! Leeds Cathedral, St Anne’s, to be precise, and not to a service, just for a look around. Here is a little virtual tour for you:, it has a priest and churchy music.Leeds Cathedral

As cathedrals go, it’s very small. It is also a fairly modern building, completed in 1904 and renovated in 2006. Not particularly spectacular from the outside, but very beautiful and peaceful inside. It is clean, simple and bright, quite different to older cathedrals. And it smells nicely of church, of incense and candles, as it should do. The altar is gorgeous, all gold and shiny, there are also smaller chapels and lots of statues and the stations of the cross (St Anne’s is a Catholic cathedral, they have those!) and some stained glass windows. There was also a man sweeping the floor, but he might not be there all the time, so don’t get too disappointed if you visit and don’t see him.

It is a nice place to look around, and to sit and contemplate, if you are into that sort of thing. I had a little sit, I am not religious, but it is nice to have a quiet, calming sanctuary in the bustle of the city centre. I may well visit again if I find myself in need of some peaceful meditative time.

Stephanie xxx

Everyday Adventures #13

  • Posted on August 6, 2012 at 9:25 pm

Oh, this one was fun! Lots of fun! My legs are still all of a wobble!

Way back in April I asked my Twitter followers for blog post ideas; reviews were suggested. Reviews of what? Biscuits? Vibrators? Both?! The challenge was not forgotten, and finding myself with half an hour before Voyager started, and in need of an adventure, well…

 I settled myself comfortably on the bed, pretty three speed vibe in one hand, Sainsbury’s Basics Rich Tea Biscuit in the other (they are Rich Tea, there’s nothing fancy about Rich Tea, Basics are fine), and found myself something to fantasise about. Kevlar. Yes, Kevlar. I should probably explain… earlier in the day I’d been watching Criminal Minds, as I very often do, because it is really quite good, and became all aroused at the sight of the main characters running about in their FBI logoed Kevlar vests. So, naturally, when I required some naughty thoughts – Dr Reid and Derek Morgan, in Kevlar.

And so I began. I quickly ramped the vibe up to the fastest setting, no messing about here, and scoffed my first biscuit. So far, so good, slightly worried that I’d choke on biscuit crumbs, but I figured sandwiched between Reid and Morgan wouldn’t be a bad way to go. A couple of biscuits later and I’m having a lot of fun, and covered in crumbs. The biscuits are forgotten for a while, I’m thinking about those Kevlar vests, not biscuits… almost there…. not quite… I have another biscuit and start the build up again… ooooohhhhh yessss…. KEVLAAAAARRRRR!!!!

So, there you have it, biscuits, vibrator and Kevlar vests. It works. Crumbs on the bed, yes, but such a good time was had making that mess!

Kevlar Kisses, Stephanie xxx

Everyday Adventures #9

  • Posted on August 3, 2012 at 9:10 pm

Yesterday’s adventure was another of the virtual kind, I went to Angkor Wat!

First I took a virtual tour of how it would have looked before the jungle took over:

Then I learnt some more about it courtesy of National Geographic:

And of course, good old Wiki!

Another very interesting adventure!

Virtual Kisses, Stephanie x