How Leeds Sent Us Into Space

  • 2 September 2015

A spaceish themed entry from the How Leeds Changed The World book today! There’s no index in this book, so I flicked through until I found something I could shoehorn into this week’s space theme; I only had to flick as far as the Cs.

Caged Roller Bearings are from Leeds! They were invented over 250 years ago and are used for all sorts of things, things like roller skates and the technology that has taken us into space. Roller skates in space. The book then tells us to ‘See John Harrison’, but we already did that! Remember, he’s clock guy! And when we look him up in the book we notice the next entry is for Robert Harrison who did some clever things with a digital camera and a weather balloon to take pictures from the edge of space, spending only £500 and not the millions NASA spend to do the same thing.

So, that’s how Leeds sent us into space, on roller skates, with a camera. Brilliant.

Steph x


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