Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! I hope you are all enjoying the Festival of Chocolate!

I have been scoffing Easter eggs today – like this one a lovely gentleman gave me (I saved it!), and had my usual Easter decorations on display, because you know I love any excuse to fill the boudoir with tat!


Chocolatey kisses, Stephanie xxx

Films I’ve Been Watching – Get Out

Oooh! This is a good one! Creepy! Creepy! Creepy!

It starts out totally uncreepy – young black guy going to meet his white girlfriend’s parents, cute dog, scary bit on the way, family (too?) friendly, black gardener and housekeeper veeeery weird, wankerish brother, big party, much oddness, funny friend, weird weird weird, Whaaaaattt??!! Oh Gosh!! Oh Gosh!! Get Out!!

Yeah, go and see this. Have two wees before it starts, not because it’s particularly long but the jumpy bits might lead to leakage if you’re a bit full.

Snack was rubbish though, Ashley’s Classic Fruit Jellies from Poundland, meh, not so good, odd texture. Spend a bit more and buy York Fruits (only £1.49 in Home Bargains!) No animal bits in either, so that’s good.

Creepy Kisses, Stephanie xxx

More Old New Pics!

These are the last of the photos from last year, added to my AdultWork gallery today! Last of last year’s… going to have to take some new ones taken, aren’t I? I should have some more taken because going through these has made me realise what a year of squats and lunges and what nots has done to my bottom!

Last year my bottom looked like this…

white knickers

… and now it look like… well, you’ll have to come and see!

Perky kisses, Stephanie xxx

Films I’ve Been Watching – Logan

This week’s Meerkat Movie was Logan! And the nibble was cherry flavoured raisins!

I’ve seen some of the other X-Men films and quite enjoyed them, so when Cinema Buddy suggested Logan I was up for that!

Logan was pretty good – I preferred the second half when things really got going, but Cinema Buddy liked the first half and found the second part slower. It was a long film which wouldn’t have suffered from shorter fight scenes. Have a wee first.

The film has a lot of gory fight scenes with people getting slashed and clawed in the head. I looked away for those bits; I’m not keen on gory bits.

There are also sad bits, you probably won’t cry but you might have an ‘awww’ moment.

And the film is a total set up for ‘X-Men TNG’!

I do recommend Logan, if you don’t mind gory stuff. Cherry flavoured raisins though are a bit pointless, just get raisin flavoured raisins, they’re fine.

Steph x

Word of the Day

This one isn’t from my dictionary, it’s not in there! It’s a word I came across and didn’t know the meaning of, so I looked it up online… psithurism

Pretty word!

And a pretty meaning too… it’s the sound of wind in the trees and the rustling of leaves.

I went on a walk recently and enjoyed the peaceful psithurism along the way. Also, there were birdies.

Steph x

Everyday Adventures – Films I’ve Been Watching.

I don’t often go to the cinema, well, I didn’t until I got Meerkat Movies and those little meerkats started getting me and my cinema buddy in for half price and now I go every couple of weeks!

So far I have seen:

Manchester By The Sea – which is not about that Manchester which isn’t by the sea, but some guy and his nephew, and it is really quite a lovely film with sad bits and sweet bits. It is loooong though, and quite slow moving, so make sure you go for a wee first.

Trainspotting 2 – good, but probably only if you’ve seen and enjoyed Trainspotting. I did so I enjoyed this sequel and now I want to hug Spud.

Hidden Figures – this was a hugely frustrating film, not because of the film itself, but because of the stuff in the film – how could such intelligent people think treating people like that was in any way logical? But it is also a great film, with humour, warmth and drama breaking up the sad bits. You go, those ladies!

What do you think I should see next?

Kisses and popcorn, Steph x

New Report!

Did you know I have reports in various places online? Well, I do! And I’ve just got a new one here on WYSG.

You can find links to all my reports and my Adult Work feedback on my website.

Thank you to all the gentlemen who take time to write reviews or leave feedback – it is much appreciated by me, and I’m sure by all the gentlemen trying to decide which lady to visit out of all the lovelies Leeds has to offer! I never ask directly for reports to be written, but I am always happy to receive them.

Kisses, Stephanie xxx

Too tight, too small…

… but quite lovely, I think!

too tight, too small

Tight little kisses, Stephanie xxx

Dick is Dead – I Loved Dick :(

This is a sad blog, the frowny face should’ve been a clue that this is a sad blog.

Dick Bruna, the creator of Miffy and therefore the reason I am literate, has died. This has made me very sad. I got all teary. I love Miffy, Miffy books were my favourite when I was little, I have fond memories of searching through the children’s books at the library and the delight at finding a Miffy book.

Thank you, Dick, for Miffy, for making me smile, for helping me learn to read, and for giving me my love of books.

Sad bunny kisses, Stephanie xxx

Everyday Adventures – Smelly Sculpture

Finally! I made it to ‘City Sculpture Projects 1972‘ just before it closes! I’d not gone out of my way to visit as I’d been reliably informed that it was a bit rubbish, but yesterday I was running some errands and in no great rush so I popped into the Henry Moore Institute for a look. It was a bit rubbish, but it smelled wonderful!

The smelly sculpture is ‘Angle‘ by William Turnbull, a large steel piece of, well, angles. It smells of steel, the smell fills the whole room and it’s divine – if you like the smell of steel, which I do.

‘City Sculpture Projects 1972’ is only on until Sunday 19th February, so if you want to smell ‘Angle’ get there quick!

But… there is another exhibition in gallery 4 until 23rd April – ‘Form Has Behaviour’ by Roy Ascott, which has that delightful old wood smell, being mostly made of old wood. It is in a small gallery with a door so the scent envelops you as you look at the pieces (you can also lean in close to get a sniff, I did and didn’t get chucked out and banned forever.)

That is what I did with my day off yesterday – lunch with friends, errands around town, sniffing art, touched up my roots. A productive day.

Sniffs and kisses, Stephanie x