Sweet Valentine’s Kisses!

Happy Valentine’s Day! A day for luuuurve and romance and sexy stuff and sweeties!


There are, of course, always sweeties here, and sexy stuff, but for Valentine’s there are little rolls of Love Hearts, until I have given them all away or scoffed them all myself. Do you know Love Hearts now have little kissy faces as well as words? Millenials, eh…

Sweet kisses, Stephanie xxx

Lovely New Review and Christmas Bod!

  • January 26, 2018 at 10:12 pm in

DSC_0651I have a lovely new review from a lovely man about the lovely nuru massage we had sometime last year! You can read it here!

Well, it seems he enjoyed his nuru, and I seemed to be having fun too… I am not sure exactly when the booking took place, his review backlog has succeeded in obscuring his identity, but it all sounds like stuff I’d do so I have no reason to question it. Except for the bit about me having the body of someone 15/20 years younger – I have no bodies here and don’t go telling people I do! Anyone expecting someone who looks to be in their late twenties will be disappointed. I am 43, a healthy and genuine 43. I mostly eat well, drink not all the time and smoke like hardly ever. I think about going to the gym a lot and at times I do, but not much recently because it is cold and I don’t want to. And I still have a Christmas bod, which I mostly made with mince pies and laziness. But my tits are pretty perky and I’m not too saggy overall. I am 43 though.

Here are the sort of views you can expect if you visit, pics taken early January:




I’ve stopped eating mince pies now, and I will get back into regular exercising, but not today, it’s too cold and I’m writing this.

43 kisses, Stephanie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Spooky Spooky Halloween!

It’s that time of year again! Yes! The time of year when Stephie covers her flat in Halloween tat!

Halloween tat!
Halloween tat!
Halloween tat
all over my flat!

zombie strippers

You know how much I love my tat!

If you would like to visit me and my tat have a read through my site or AW profile and give me a call. I’m available all weekend, Monday and Tuesday (and more days next week, but the tat will be gone by then… to return in Christmas form from December 1st!)

Ghostly kisses, Stephanie xxx

Films I’ve been watching – Mother!

Ooooh! I loved this film! It seems a lot of people didn’t, which is why it’s disappearing from cinemas already, so see it while you can!

It’s pretty weird, which is probably why it hasn’t been a huge hit, but I’m a bit odd too so we got along fine. It’s a bit scary in an everythingcomingatyouatoncestopthisnowletmegetaway sort of way. Gory bits were minimal though, there was only one bit I looked away for.

Allegory was layered on with a shovel – excellent for me as these things usually go over my head. I liked that. I got it. I think…

Even my cinema snack was good! Nakd lime raisins! Lime raisins work, I thought they wouldn’t but I was wrong, they do.

Steph x

New Report!

  • September 30, 2017 at 1:13 pm in

A lovely gentleman has left a field report on Adult Work about the nuru massage we enjoyed recently! You can read it here!

Reviews are never asked for but always appreciated. You can see them all on the ‘reviews’ page of my site.

It gives me a little glow to read about how much a gentleman has enjoyed our session!

Kisses, Stephanie x


You know what I don’t do much of? Live music, that’s what! And for no good reason, I like music and what not. So when a friend offered me a spare ticket to see PINS a few weeks ago, I took it! It came with the instruction ‘Don’t Google them!’ which I took to be because my friend feared that if I Googled them I wouldn’t like them and wouldn’t go, which was silly because they were really rather good!

There were two other bands playing too – Kyogen and Baby In Vain.

We missed a lot of Kyogen due to twatting about, but I loved what I did hear!

And Baby In Vain were fantastic!

They were playing at Headrow House, which is a bar and not an office block, despite that being what the name suggests. There’s a space upstairs for music which smelt vaguely of spunk and farts, though the latter dispersed so I think I’d just chosen an unfortunate moment to stand in that particular spot. The spunk, well, the audience was mostly middle aged men and the bands mostly attractive young women… maybe they’d really been looking forward to the gig?

Musical kisses, Stephanie xxx

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! I hope you are all enjoying the Festival of Chocolate!

I have been scoffing Easter eggs today – like this one a lovely gentleman gave me (I saved it!), and had my usual Easter decorations on display, because you know I love any excuse to fill the boudoir with tat!


Chocolatey kisses, Stephanie xxx

Films I’ve Been Watching – Get Out

Oooh! This is a good one! Creepy! Creepy! Creepy!

It starts out totally uncreepy – young black guy going to meet his white girlfriend’s parents, cute dog, scary bit on the way, family (too?) friendly, black gardener and housekeeper veeeery weird, wankerish brother, big party, much oddness, funny friend, weird weird weird, Whaaaaattt??!! Oh Gosh!! Oh Gosh!! Get Out!!

Yeah, go and see this. Have two wees before it starts, not because it’s particularly long but the jumpy bits might lead to leakage if you’re a bit full.

Snack was rubbish though, Ashley’s Classic Fruit Jellies from Poundland, meh, not so good, odd texture. Spend a bit more and buy York Fruits (only £1.49 in Home Bargains!) No animal bits in either, so that’s good.

Creepy Kisses, Stephanie xxx

More Old New Pics!

These are the last of the photos from last year, added to my AdultWork gallery today! Last of last year’s… going to have to take some new ones taken, aren’t I? I should have some more taken because going through these has made me realise what a year of squats and lunges and what nots has done to my bottom!

Last year my bottom looked like this…

white knickers

… and now it look like… well, you’ll have to come and see!

Perky kisses, Stephanie xxx

Films I’ve Been Watching – Logan

This week’s Meerkat Movie was Logan! And the nibble was cherry flavoured raisins!

I’ve seen some of the other X-Men films and quite enjoyed them, so when Cinema Buddy suggested Logan I was up for that!

Logan was pretty good – I preferred the second half when things really got going, but Cinema Buddy liked the first half and found the second part slower. It was a long film which wouldn’t have suffered from shorter fight scenes. Have a wee first.

The film has a lot of gory fight scenes with people getting slashed and clawed in the head. I looked away for those bits; I’m not keen on gory bits.

There are also sad bits, you probably won’t cry but you might have an ‘awww’ moment.

And the film is a total set up for ‘X-Men TNG’!

I do recommend Logan, if you don’t mind gory stuff. Cherry flavoured raisins though are a bit pointless, just get raisin flavoured raisins, they’re fine.

Steph x